Mountain living takes an entirely new meaning when you get to wake up each day to all-natural comfort as gorgeous views and outdoor adventures surround you. Park City, Utah, is more than your average cozy town. Seated just east of Salt Lake City, you’ll find charm, natural charisma, and the perfect niche for any lifestyle. Being home to a surplus of sports enthusiasts, you can choose between activities suited for R&R or outdoor fun as much as you’d like. Having a house in the mountains here in Park City is nothing short of advantageous in location, climate, and much more.

Beautiful Views

Wake up and smell the fresh scents of white firs and mountain mahogany as you sip your first cup of coffee (or tea) of the day. With a combination of views that provide you with what appears to be endless nature mixed with downtown city charm, it’s hard not to find comfort in having access to the peacefulness throughout all of Park City. Throughout the year, you’ll get to enjoy gorgeous sights while avoiding seasonal allergies caused by allergens such as pollen. This means you can breathe in fresh air while you take in even fresher sights here in the mountains.

Nice Weather

To state that mountain living brings you some of the most comfortable outdoor settings is an understatement. Experience the seasons like never before as you embrace snowy days that leave you laughing while you enjoy your hot cocoa and encourage you to bundle up in the comfort of blankets while you watch your favorite movie. Are you looking for something warmer? We’ve got amazing summers here too. Opt-in for mild mid-year weather as flowers bloom and botanical magic grows everywhere.

During spring, you’ll get to relax as you watch the natural regrowth of the city, and while the fall foliage may be pretty, those leafy greens are a refreshing sight as the weather warms back up. Year-round, you’ll find that Park City brings you dry summers that are warm and clear, followed by cold, snowy winters. Bundle up when the weather turns to a chill and put on your favorite pair of shorts when the sun’s out for some summer fun.

Outdoor Sports and Hiking

Embrace the outdoors full force in as many enjoyable ways as you can possibly think of all year round. In Park City, you’ll find The Residences at The St. Regis Deer Valley | Snow Park, where you can take full advantage of exhilarating outdoor amenities. Get a workout and test your athleticism with the ability to ski in or ski out of the park, hike or bike on local trails to feel the gentle cool breeze as you explore, and wind down with a cozy massage or some fine dining after the day’s adventures. 

Park City provides you with plenty of room when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. With many incredible hiking trails, you’ll never run out of breathtaking views and refreshing adventures. For hiking, your options range from trails for beginners to hiking for experts.

Check out a few of our favorite trails for both hiking and biking in and around Park City:

Living in Proximity to Nature

When you move into a house in the mountains, you may be moving from a busy city that never sleeps or a small town with little to do, which is why mountain living is such an incredible change. Not only can the fresh air in Park City decrease your chances of dealing with asthma or respiratory infections, but it can also improve your health all around. Living in the mountains surrounded by nothing but gorgeous views of nature, you’ll discover that mother nature truly is one of the best healing techniques in the world. 

Many people living in mountain homes have found that proximity to nature reduces stress, increases motivation, and encourages physical activity. The truth is that there’s something for everyone when it comes to the all-natural terrain. Health benefits are only a small player in the grand scheme of why so many people enjoy calling towns like Park City home.

Mountain towns have advantages like choosing to have as much privacy as you’d like or finding comfort in inclusion within tight-knit communities. The hustle lifestyle that’s often found in bigger cities is replaced with a slow-paced setting that’s relaxing and set to your speed. You can enjoy the stunning landscapes, year-round activities, and get as involved with town events as you’d like.

Mountain Echoes are Calling You Home

Are you or a loved one looking for a house in the mountains but haven’t found the perfect place? Are you still curious about the many benefits and advantages that come with living in a place surrounded by so much nature? No worries, we completely understand. House hunting can be stressful, which is why we try to provide you with some of the best reasons living in the mountains year-round can make you feel a little spoiled.

From the views to the surplus of outdoor adventures to experiencing the best of both worlds when it comes to living near nature while having easy access to plenty of amenities in the heart of the city – there’s something about mountain living that almost feels like living in a fairytale. Park City makes all of your dreams come alive when you listen to the echoes of the mountains that say you’re right at home. You never have to settle when you can choose between relaxing and enjoying the privacy of your own home or grabbing a glass of wine and treating yourself to some fine dining. Contact us for more information on how you can take advantage of all of the perks Park City has to offer year-round. St. Regis Deer Valley Residences are located near Old Town and Main Street so that you can enjoy fine arts as you explore downtown and the surrounding parks without having to drive hours on end for your next adventure.

Image Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

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