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Concierges make your stays extra memorable. We can help you with almost any task, from home maintenance to swing set installation. You can always count on St. Regis Deer Valley Residences in Park City, Utah, to provide prompt assistance on the go. We handle anything from handyman’s work to house maintenance inspections to errands. We are always prepared to assist you with your home and maintenance requirements. You contact us, and we handle the rest, from scheduling any requisite appointments to meeting with maintenance workers and ensuring that each need is met.

You don’t have to sign an annual contract or pay a yearly subscription with St. Regis Deer Valley Residences, so you can use our services whenever you need them. We’ll carry your personalized home checklist with us on every scheduled visit. If something in your home requires maintenance, we will notify you within the day.

The Finest Service

Our customer-centric concierge service ensures you get the best mountain home experience. We want you to feel completely at ease whether you visit your residence a few times a year or live here full-time. To assist you in achieving that goal, we provide various essential residential home services that will make your stay here a little more comfortable.

If you plan on using some of your vacation time to check in with the workplace, our concierge service can help make the process more enjoyable. We can help make your working holiday feel less like work by assisting you with finding the ideal location for setting up your laptop with constant Wi-Fi and even linking you with local entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to your every wish. Our concierge service is always available to assist you whenever you desire to hit the town or plan a local activity. Tell us what you want, and we’ll handle the rest.

Concierge Services

To make sure you have the best stay, our concierge service provides a value pack of not only the essentials such as grocery and logistics, but we also deliver a specially curated end-to-end five-star experience. Our luxury home concierge service takes care of your butler’s needs, local restaurant reservations, and ski and biking equipment rentals. Other services include outdoor excursion guidance, massage therapy, professional photography, and a load of other services delivered right at your doorstep. Whatever you need, ask us. You never know what rabbit we’d pull from our handyman’s hats.

At St. Regis Deer Valley Residences, we’ve put together some distinctive and entertaining packages to make your visit one to remember. Our possibilities are boundless. We can help you in the following ways:

  • Hire an adept babysitter.
  • Plan the ultimate skiing trip.
  • Coordinate your adventurous night of fine dining in Park City, Utah.
  • Plan a customized chef-prepared meal with locally infused dishes and flavors.

Allow us to manage your holidaying intricacies from start to finish so you can live and let live. To learn more about what our luxury home concierge services can provide, contact us today.

Interior & Exterior Maintenance and Cleaning

Our maintenance framework is designed to give our clients the most detailed and in-depth property care possible, ensuring that all aspects of the home are kept in proper working order. Our clients receive a personalized Annual Home Maintenance Schedule for their home, which is subsequently executed by our Concierge team. Our clients also benefit from our extensive network of competent service vendors covering a wide range of trades, as well as the convenience of having a single point of contact for all issues relating to their home at any time of year.

In a single visit, our crew can perform full-service indoor and outdoor maintenance and cleaning. We’ll create a program tailored to your house that will provide the service you need to relish your outdoor spaces at all times, from power washing to grill cleanup to window and sliding glass door polishing.

Our home cleaning services are customized to match your unique requirements. Light, routine, and deep cleaning services are all available, each with its own process and checklist, at your desired frequency.

Transportation Services

Our concierge transportation services are reasonably priced and convenient, ensuring that your local trips are safe and comfortable. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, we’ll get you there with elegance.

We provide state-of-the-art transport access within St. Regis Deer Valley Residences through our efficient and responsive St. Regis Funicular. The St. Regis Funicular connects the Snow Park Residences and St. Regis Upper Resort complex in an elegant, distinctive, and efficient manner. It allows seamless access to resort amenities, including four restaurants and The St. Regis Wine Cellar, the St. Regis Spa, ballrooms and grand salon, and the Mountain Terrace. The funicular, which travels 537 linear feet and 500 vertical feet in under 90 seconds from the Lower Resort building to the Upper Resort building, is activated by a button and operates like a deluxe elevator on the tracks.

The funicular cars have tinted UVA and UVB-protected wraparound windows that provide passengers with breathtaking views of Deer Valley. The vehicles are air-conditioned, with leather seating for 15 people and a separate compartment for personnel and baggage. Unlike others in the U.S., St. Regis Deer Valley funicular cabs operate autonomously, satisfying demand at both the base and summit terminals. The self-leveling funicular cabins travel smoothly on Doppelmayr CTEC-designed and-built steel railway despite a 20 to 80-degree slope difference.

Property Management

St. Regis Deer Valley Residences administers rental units for individual homeowners as well as luxury vacation clubs on site. Our services include managing the houses themselves (upkeep and presentation) and dealing with the demands and needs of visitors. Our staff is trained to present the home in the most pleasant and functional manner possible, ensuring guests have the most outstanding experience.

Contact St. Regis Deer Valley Residences

St. Regis Deer Valley Residences is your premier luxury home destination in Park City, Utah. We offer a surreal, enchanting experience with an ethereal lilt. Come hike up to our lofty cocoon and splurge on the excesses of mountain living. Your friendly concierge services team will be ready for you on the tarmac. Reach out to us today and make this dream a reality.

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