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Park City, Utah & Kids

Park City, Utah, is a beautiful place for families to live. Whether you are here full-time, seasonally, or even just a few times per year, the city has a lot to offer residents and visitors of all ages. The St. Regis Deer Valley Residences could make the perfect mountain home for your family to enjoy all the opportunities and amenities of Park City.

Family-Friendly Park City

Although many people think of Park City as primarily a mountain resort area, it is also a functioning city that supports the needs of many different families both seasonally and year-round. If you buy a home here, you will find that it is one of the best family-friendly communities with plenty of opportunities and activities for residents of all ages. While adults may be focused on the restaurants, live entertainment, and other nightlife, there are plenty of great options for younger family members.
At the St. Regis Deer Valley Residences, we have various family traditions and a kids’ club at the Upper Resort. Additionally, there are community events in Park City, sports leagues, outdoor activities, and more.

Of course, for many families, the biggest question to address before browsing family homes for sale is whether the schools are good. Fortunately, the city has a lot to offer on that front.

Schools in Park City

Schooling is one of the most important parts of young people’s lives. If you live with your family in Park City, you will want to be sure that your children will receive a good education. Fortunately, the city has highly rated schools, including private, public, and charter options.

Private Schools

There are a number of excellent private schools in Park City. The Soaring Wings International Montessori School is located at the heart of the city, making it convenient for residents from all over, including the St. Regis Deer Valley Residences. The Montessori method is popular due to its focus on supporting each child’s unique learning development.

The Park City Day School is a private K-8 school noted for rigorous academics and small class sizes. It is consistently rated as a top school in the area. The staff and faculty emphasize learning outdoors, service, and developing leadership. Alternatively, you may be interested in Another Way, a private school that focuses on hands-on education and is well-suited for more active children. Their programs include traditional subjects such as science, math, history, language, and cross-disciplinary topics such as yoga, dance, skiing, and music.

Charter Schools

There are several charter schools in Park City, including the Weilenmann School of Discovery, a public charter school for K-8. It is intended to provide a combination of “tradition and innovation.” The school encourages students to take a more active role in their educations. The Winter Sports School is a charter school for athletic students. It is unique in that it offers world-class training in a variety of winter sports, including skiing, skating, snowboarding, and more.

Public Schools

Park City’s public schools are also excellent. For example, the Park City High School is recognized for its academic quality and the opportunities it affords its students. It also has an extension called the Park City Learning Center that focuses more on an individualized learning experience.

Family Activities in Park City

A big part of the attractiveness of Park City for families is the number of activities. There are plenty of sports and outdoor recreational activities to enjoy during the winter and the rest of the year. Whether your family is into hitting the slopes, exploring secluded trails, riding horses, or fishing in mountain lakes, Park City has something for you to do.

Better yet, it is also home to some excellent events. Naturally, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most significant events on the city’s calendar. While not every film shown is appropriate for all ages, there are plenty of family-friendly screenings.

There are also a lot of really enjoyable community events and food-based activities, such as local restaurants hosting a giant gathering all along Main Street called Savor the Summit. Our concierge team can help you find the right events for your family at any time of year.


Athletically, Park City is best known for being home to a lot of winter sports. It has some of the best ski resorts in the country. From the St. Regis Deer Valley Residences, you can easily access Deer Valley, Park City Resort, Brighton, Alta, and Snow Bird. These have a lot to offer skiers and snowboarders of all skill and interest levels. Whether you are interested in competition or want to enjoy the occasional casual outing, Park City has some great snow for you.

The city is also noted for its cross-country skiing trails. There are miles of trails in the area that you can enjoy. Alternatively, you may want to try hockey, snowmobiling, ski jumping, or any other winter sports.
During warmer weather, many other sports are also popular such as baseball, tennis, soccer, football, and more. There are numerous golf courses, including several excellent private clubs.

Outdoor Recreation

There are plenty of less competitive outdoor recreational activities to enjoy as well. The mountains are perfect for hiking, biking, casual snowmobiling, snowshoeing, horse riding, and many other activities. The area is truly beautiful, with plenty of outdoor spaces. Whatever you like to do for fun outdoors, you can likely find an opportunity to do it in Park City.

Furthermore, there are some great local stores and services that can help to ensure that you have all the equipment you need. For example, at the St. Regis Deer Valley Residences, JANS Mountain Outfitters provides on-site sales, services, and rentals for skis, snowboards, and other mountain equipment.

Family Homes for Sale

There is a great selection of luxury family real estate in the Park City area. This beautiful city can be even more enjoyable if you have the right home to serve as your base of operations and personal retreat. The St. Regis Deer Valley Residences could be the ideal property for your family. Here, you will enjoy the privacy of a luxury condo combined with the attention and service of a resort. We have everything you need to enjoy Park City fully, from our signature butler service to our ski valet service.

Find Your New Mountain Home in Park City

Our family homes for sale include two-, three-, and four-bedroom residences. All units are beautifully designed with the greatest attention to detail. However, they are selling quickly. If you want to find the ultimate luxury home for your family in Park City, you need to act fast. Contact us today to learn more.

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