The St. Regis Deer Valley’s Funicular

The St. Regis Funicular is the sleek, unique and efficient connection that links the Snow Park Residences with the St. Regis Upper Resort building. It provides seamless access to resort amenities including four dining outlets and The St. Regis Wine Vault, the St. Regis Spa, the ballrooms and grand salon, and the Mountain Terrace.  Ascending 537 linear feet and 500 vertical feet in under 90 seconds from the Lower Resort building to the Upper Resort building, the funicular is summoned with the push of a button and functions like a luxury elevator on rails.

The funicular cars were made by cable-car specialists Gangloff of Berne, Switzerland, the makers of the first funicular railway in 1929 and the former carriage maker to European royalty and the current designers of customized bodywork for the motoring aristocracy including Bugatti, Alfa Romeo and Rolls Royce. The cars have panoramic windows, which are tinted and UVA and UVB-protected, and afford passengers spectacular views of Deer Valley. The cars are heated and air-conditioned, have leather seating for up to 15 passengers and have a separate area for staff and luggage. Unlike any other funicular in the United States, the two cabs of The St. Regis Deer Valley funicular function independently so that demand can be met both at the base and top terminals. The funicular cabins, which are self-leveling despite a 20 to 80 degree difference in the slope angle, run smoothly on steel railway tracks that were designed and constructed by Doppelmayr CTEC.

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